AcceptEmail, the creator and market leader of bill payment via email has changed its name to AcceptEasy. The new name better reflects its capabilities, which have evolved well beyond email. AcceptEasy is the bill service provider enabling payments in all digital channels.

The company is active since 2007, providing its service to large enterprises and business partners in several countries worldwide. Many innovative features and uses have been released over the years on top of the original scope of replacing paper bills and reminders with email and online payments.

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEasy: “The flexibility and architecture of our technology is perfect for all sorts of transactional messaging. Varying from mandates on your online portal, in-app payments, verifying identity, to paying in Messenger. From paper bill suppression to enabling payments via a chat with customer care, or a bill that immediately changes into an entry ticket right upon payment. The payment moment is becoming a personalized and interactive contact moment.”

The data from the platform enhances companies’ insight intocustomer behaviour. Companies use this to optimize their service offering and improve customer satisfaction. AcceptEasy supports all digital communication channels from web, email, text, social media to chatbots. This enables businesses to engage in conversational billing. “The payment moment is one of the most important steps in the customer journey. Our services make it possible for enterprises to provide consumers and small businesses an optimized brand experience and save costs in the process.” says Peter Kwakernaak.

The new name has been launched with a new website. The product AcceptEmail and the website will continue to exist.

About AcceptEasy

AcceptEasy lets companies offer their customers payments, mandates and verifications through all digital channels. Hundreds of companies across industries rely on AcceptEasy to transform billing & collections, streamline internal processes and optimize customer journeys. With ten years of experience integrating and deploying its solutions in different environments, customers are assured of high-quality services. AcceptEasy’s market leadership results from the knowledge and dedication of its highly qualified staff. The company is ISO certified and its SaaS-platform is reliable, secure and constantly monitored. Headquarters are in Amstelveen, The Netherlands with operations in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Canada. For more information:

In 2007, AcceptEmail entered the market as the digital substitute for paper bills. As the inventor of digital billing & payment via email, AcceptEmail expanded to being the market leader with 2.5 billion euro processed annually on payment requests.

Source: Credit Expo / AcceptEasy