Credit Expo 2022 | Dinsdag 8 november | 1931 ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Seminar: Serrala | 14:30 – 15:15 | Dexter 15 | Taal: Engels
Spreker: Jens-Mario Burggraf, Senior Solution Architect Serrala
Serrala is Gold Partner van Credit Expo 2022

“Credit Management as Strategic Value Creation Enabler”

Credit management is not normally associated with business value creation but rather perceived of as a hurdle for sales. Yet value creation means more than simply generating short term profits and requires organizations to completely rethink their entire value proposition. Real value creation goes beyond customers and aims to create value for all stakeholders. In other words, credit management should add to the value propositions of both internal and external stakeholders. To create such value, credit management requires efficient and up to date processes, supported by innovative technology, that meet stakeholder expectations with accuracy and speed, while leveraging resources effectively to contribute to stability and growth of your business. Join us to learn more.

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